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Biosensors for better mental health insights

Understanding our own bodies should be simple and accessible to all

Have you taken a step back and thought about your internal state, habits, behaviours, mindset, and rest equation that’s tailored to you? Do you know what you need to allow you to perform day-in, day-out at your optimal state, to be the best version of yourself?

To answer these questions, we need to reach out to third parties: wait for blood tests, see doctors. 

We want to desintermediate the access to our own health. To help us 


We are building a health-sensing device to give you a snapshot of your health

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Your own personal mental wellbeing coach, with you, at all times

We wish to unlock precise information about your body needs: nutrition, sleep, exercise, habits, techniques to maintain your wellness.

Recognizing different aspects of yourself and your patterns of behavior is the key to becoming a better version of yourself.

With one click, you can track your habits and their impact on your health. The app curates the right solutions based on your body specific needs, so you can make informed personal choices. 

You own your health through your phone.

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