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 Andrew Diston
Chairman & Non-Exec Director

+30 years of exp in Medical 

Product Development.

 ex-Science Group plc CTO

ex-Cambridge Consultants CTO

ex-Medicom Innovation Partner


Margot Blanc

CEO and Founder

Experience with entrepreneur in the tech investment sector


BA honours degree in Business Innovation Entrepreneurship

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Dr. Ali Yetisen

Pr. at Imperial College London

The Yetisen Research Group develops biochemical sensors, optical materials and devices for application in medical diagnostics, therapeutics, and imaging.

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Pr. George Malliaras

Pr. at University of Cambridge


Prince Philip Professor of Technology
He leads a group of scientists, engineers and clinicians to develop better tools for healthcare.

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Dr. Christophe De Jaeger

Specialist of human aging and its management at Institut de Jaeger.

Director at French Society of Physiology and Medicine of Longevity. +30 years exp of managing the Longevity Medical and Physiological Institute and the Longevity Institute in Paris.


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