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Be the CEO of your own health

Biohacking technology for self-coaching

Health application breakthrough, AI monitors wellness

The amount of solutions that are offered to us for self-growth is the problem

We need guidance in this ocean of information 

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Byosen makes self-coaching explicit, simple and accessible

Subdermal microdevice integrating a range of wellness characteristics

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A small microcircuit lies on the wrist o

Micro-sensors enabling nano and digital technology to measure classic indicators of health (HRV, sleep, oxygen levels) along with various measures of emotions directly from your body.

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Assess your health and well-being status through your body signals. We focus on monitoring accurate information about our personal context. Physical and psychological wellness directly from your body.

  • Analyzes your states of well-being in real-time

  • Suggests precise information on what you should eat, exercise, mental techniques, sleep, behaviours, you should achieve today to maintain your wellbeing. 

  • Analyzes over time patterns, predicts future trends, imbalances chances of disease and progress

Byosen deep-tech knowhow indicates which tailored actionable lifestyle choices would enhance your well-being

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After a few months of use, you reach your goals faster, identify the root effect of your imbalances by learning to self-manage your wellness

Develop healthier habits with Byosen as your data-driven digital self coach. Help us open the door to smart scientific driven sustainable wellness solutions. Human wellness should be monitored each day to observe early changes in health. 


Byosen is an early stage startup. 

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